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Over the past few month the name of Optom always circling around my social media feeds from all over my friends. Keep wondering what is Optom all about.

The curiosity to know about this become more interesting when I saw most of my friends posting about their awesome Magic Mug that got Optom on it keep running on my feeds everyday.

Wooow  this is awesome !!! this brand is getting popular by words of mouth from my friends. At last I found out that Optom is an Eyecare Specialist that own by Bumiputra located in Bangi that offers various of Eyecare related service. They started in 2016 as a virtual online business which focusing to help the nearby needy netizens by open their premises around them.

Design your own creative Frame  

What make Optom special from other Eyecare Specialist is they allow and guide customers to customized their own design.  Most of us doesn't aware of our face shape and what frame that suit the best, worry not because here at Optom they will make it according to your best look and achieved the well-balance fit on your face.

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Unique Advantage of Be Spoke Personalized Glasses 

Everyone wants to be different from others, because everybody is different, this differences what make us unique.  The Be Spoke glasses is design to be very lightweight that fit sharply to your face accordingly and suit your characteristics.

By personalized it to your way, this process enabling  them to achieved the most accurate and precise of your eye condition from all angle in order for you to get the wonderful feeling of sight in term of visual and comfort while putting on your glasses.

Personalized it all.  Optom allowed their customers to combined in term of mix matching with colors and style, 14 variant colors to choose from and more exciting is within that 14 colors you also have an option from 70 glasses model in 7 series and categories including adult bespoke eyewear, children/teenager corrective spectacles and sunglasses.  WoW this is ridiculously amazing .

Usually we got a chance to engrave our name on Apple product during purchasing, Excitingly Optom got it too, you can engrave your name on your own design glasses that made from High quality imported from Germany.

4 Full Clinical Eye Test

While you focusing on your own personalized design , Optom thoroughly screening and running deep clinical test on your eyes through these specific test .

+Neurofunctional virtual Eye profile.

+Structural virtual Eye profile.

+nerves & Vessel virtual eye profile.

+refractive virtual eye profile.

This test is intended to maximized customers eyes condition in order for Optom to suggest the best and suitable lenses for them, so that the wonderful experience in wearing a glass can be achieved from appearance of the glasses and the visual quality .


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During the visitthe Optometrist will identify your vision fluency trough 16 fluency skill test such below;.

  • Eye movement control
  • Simultaneous focus at far
  • Sustaining focus at far
  • Simultaneous focus at near
  • Simultaneous alignment at far
  • Sustain alignment at far
  • Simultaneous alignment at near
  • Sustaining alignment at near
  • Visual acuity
  • Peripheral vision
  • Depth awareness
  • Color perception
  • Gross visual motor
  • Fine visual motor
  • Visual perception
  • Visual integration

Eyesight and darkness



No.37, Jalan 8/1, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel : 011-1147 9093

Open Everyday from 9am - 7pm

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Web: https://www.optom.com.my/

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