Carma Perfum, Long lasting fregrance.


Its been a long day even year since my last post.

Perfume..yeah perfume i guess everybody have one and should have one. 

I am the type of person that hardly give myself a chance to try any kind of body fregrance, for me Dr mist and Talcum is enough for me.

Lately i have been approach by one very talkative young and succesfull entrepreneur, she introduce me with her Perfume that come along with lot if choice, like i said earlier i am type of person that hard to try new perfume my one and only kinf of perfume is Aqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani.

But when she said she also have that Aqua de Gio, ohh man the quality is beyond my perception and its good enough as the original.

With affordable price i can get my Aqua de Gio, compared to the Original i can save around couple of hundreds with standing quality.

Now i dont have to be stingy anymore about perfume, why pay more when you can get original standing perfume with affordable price.

For me buying original is good but buying a product that standing with original qulity in great value price is even better.

For any order or testimoni do not hesitate to hit me with this number 0194220251.

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