Avoid buying Fruits that have labels with " 8 "

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Avoid buying fruits with character number “8” at the beginning of the fruit label, as it is a genetically modified fruit.
 French experiments confirmed that genetically modified soybeans fed to rats, produce first generation of babies suffering from various diseases, and then the next generation of full-sterility.
The United States has banned use of modified soybeans in human food, and can only be used in animals. Avoid eating genetically modified food!! 94129 Apple ? Understand what it means!! Read your "Fruit label". The number ...... posted will have a few figures, in addition to its name, to tell consumers the source from where it comes, also indicates if fruits are safe for human or for others . Please read the fruits labels and understand the numbers, do not underestimate it, this system is the unique alternative identity identification importers have posted, but also is a concern medically.
The traditional fruit labels have: four digits beginning with 4.
 Organic fruit labels have: five digits beginning with 9.
Transgenic fruit labels have: five digits beginning with 8
 example: You see an apple in the store: if its label is 4922, indicates a traditional apple, it still uses herbicides and harmful fertilizers during planting.                      

 If its label is 99222, it is organic and safe to eat.

If its label is 89222, then “It is genetically modified (GMO), avoid buying !!”

The next time you go shopping, remember these important figures. Avoid buying the inorganic and GMO fruits.
Shop Safely: These should be noted.   The seller has no obligation to tell you, if fruit has been genetically modified.  

  p/s:  have a wise choice!

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