eqbalzack.com Writing Contest [2]-english version #1

“Lecturer-student relationship, anything wrong?”
Relationship, there a various kind of relationship in this world, relationship is mean to be closed with each other, but we have to understand the kind of relationship that we involve to, is men-on men or, men-on women, or women-on women.  About the topic, for me there is anything wrong towards this kind of relationship. 
Through my experience towards this kind of relationship is bring us more benefit than the opposite, during my college hood,  my relationship with my lecturer is very closed, our relationship is like a father and a son, we are helping each other, but of course my lecturer were helping me a lot.  Towards this relationship my progress in study were getting better than before, anything about my subject that I can not to understand better, he will be my reference although sometime the subject is not even in his field.  Not even in the campus we are actually closed at the outside of campus, we are jog together, chill together even with his family, its make their lecture class full of joy with his great personality which he build up the strong relationship among their student. 

Most of people, their always think bad when it comes to lecturer-student relationship, sometime the rumors actually are too much elaborated than the actual scene. For me I cannot shut the people mouth, just going on with my own life, this kind of relationship is not even brings me success in my study but makes our relationship among human are closer.  My cousin was actually the married couple that form by student-lecturer relationship bond, and they live happy until now, they were in love for almost five years even the gaps of their age is almost 10 years, Allah is great.

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  1. good luck fareez..already read through ur essay..wow I bet it will be much fun when be closed with lecturer..they are more experienced and lots of the things we can share.=)

  2. Good job..sebab saya tak bape pandai BI..saya kenalah komen dalam BM yerr..ngeee..bagus point2 anda..

    Baca kat sini pulak...




    Yang ketiga...kat sini..

    Nanti bagi link..ngeeeeee

  3. Nadh datang melawat peserta contest mr.Eq. tahniah.. Suka cara kamu menyampaikan pendapat.

    moga berjaya. ;)