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"Rich Blogger: Fact or Fiction?"

Rich? Everyone absolutely desire to be rich, and some of them would do everything to achieve that title, but if we mention about “Rich Blogger” not everybody acknowledge this title before in Malaysia , but nowadays this rich blogger title are very famous and the news and rumors about this are widely spread. So about the title above I strongly agreed to mention that rich blogger is fact, but to achieve this title is not a very easy work, we can’t say that today we sign up for blog and next month we gona be rich, everything in this world that we want to achieve, we should put continuous effort and commitment, most of rich famous that I know, some of them are taking until one or two years to make their blog known, and most of them are type of blogger that post something that can grab the attention of the reader not only for the blogger but for everybody that have an internet access to access for their info in the blog world.  

There are also blogger that post an everyday recipe for those that needed and he absolutely get a thousand readers that visit his blog everyday and I’m proud to say the title of his blog, “Dapur tanpa sempadan” own by Mat Gebu, this blog actually famous among housewives.
There are also many blogger getting rich by selling products trough their blog such as ‘redmummy.com’ that can achieve a thousand per month from her blog.  So for me the rich blogger is fact, but how the way the blogger promote their blog is the main key for the success, but never forget getting the income from the way that Allah blessed, its all about the creativity and for me im still searching for my creativity idea to arise to be like those who success in this blog world with own identity of fareezvanfillers

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  1. Salan Fareez,
    terima kasih join monthly contest abg eq. nnt terus htr details via form. Just klik kat CONTACT. Isi je kat situ sebab abg eq nak pos button dulu. ok

  2. read through...good luck fareez..do come and read my new entry

  3. :) kaya jika kena caranya....