Top 15 Most Popular Anime in The World

List of Best Anime Series

1.  Death Note

 A genius student named Light finds a notebook with more...1151 points

2.  Naruto

 A popular shounen anime based on manga by Kishimot more...1067 points

3.  Bleach

 A shounen anime based on manga by Kubo Tite. Kuros more...790 points

4. Code Geass

 Japan is named Area 11 and ruled by the almighty B more...725 points

5. Full Metal Alchemist

 Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, broke the taboo more...656 points

6.  Vampire Knight

 Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster more...625 points

7.  Inuyasha

 This story is about a time-traveling middle school more...583 points

8.  One Piece

 A boy named Luffy is a captain of a pirate ship lo more...569 points

9.  Dragon ball Z

 Many years have passed since Goku first searched f more...446 points

10.  Detective Conan (Case Closed)

 Shinichi Kudo is a smart high school student who f more...437 points

11.  Dragonball

 The legendary shounen anime. Goku struggles to bec more...417 points

12.  Yu-Yu Hakusho

 A disturbed and seemingly selfish teenager does a more...389 points

13.  Ouran High School Host Club

 Ouran High School Host Club is a club of attractiv more...388 points

14.  Elfen Lied

 The race of diclonius, the mutant humans, is abuse more...373 points

15.  Naruto Shippuuden

 A sequel to the extremely popular anime series, Na more...370 points

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  1. Yes... Naruto no2...haha...
    Naruto Shippuden cepat2lah naik rankingnyer...