7 Legendary Swordsman


1. Mamochi Zabuza: He is the welder of the executioner blade. His special technique is his hidden mist jutsu and silent killing. His sword (The executioner blade) is able to repair it self from the blood of ones it cuts. It takes iron from the blood of its prey and makes use of same iron to repair it self thus making it unbreakable. Because of his abilities to fight many opponents Zabuza is Kabuto’s main puppet in this fight and he is also main target of general Kakashi’s division.
2. Ringo Ameyuri: He is master of the lightening sword fangs. He welds the sharpest blade covered with lightening. That can cut through anything that it touches. It looks like that sward that Sasuke uses. 
3. Kuriarare Kushimaru: He is master of long sword “Sewing Needle”. As it is clear from its name it’s a needle like sword. It pierces through its enemies and sews them all together making them one giant meat ball of human flesh.
4. Hozuki Mangetsu: Brother of Suigetsu. He has specialized in welding all the seven swords and is called second coming of Demon. 
5. Munashi Jinpachi: He welds the blast sword “Splash”. His blade is covered with explosive tags. When he attacks his enemy it creates a huge splash like blast when it touches opponent’s weapon or his body.   
6. Akebino Jnin: He welds blunt sword “Helmet Splitter”. Its ability is that it can break through anyone’s guard. 
7. Suikazan Fuguki: The swordsman one who welds Hoshigake Kisame’s great sword Samehada before him.


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