Nite bathing is usual for every body, i know that all of us is do this action every day.

but did you know that if we take a long time of nite bath we might get an lung

disease isn't that bad....a lot of people out there have been experience this disease

and i know that maybe you have seen your closest one been through this situation...

Here i want to share with all of the reader of my blog an useful tips for those who

prefer take a nite bath and for those who actually love to take a nite bath...yeah i

know that Malaysia is Hot..but everything that we done, we must aware of the

reaction and effect towards our body.

->>> during the bath..try to close your mouth, so that the air that contain amount

of water doesn't get into your mouth....

do you know, air that contain water in its...can cause the fragile of our

that's why you must close your mouth during your nite bathing....

so i hope this information that i share...would useful for those who love to take

a nite bathing....

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  1. ala.. wat la pop up window tuk komen..

    nway.. nice info..
    hapdate hari2 k.. :)

  2. sory tlupe nak skang dah wat komen2 lah slalu yek...pastu tekan lah button digg