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Video EyewearThe Wrap 230 video eyewear displays a 46-inch screen as seen from 10
feet (3m) and it does it in style. Simple to use, includes premium quality
noise-isolating earphones, expandable, and easy on your wallet – what
more could you ask for? Works with virtually all audio/video devices with
composite video-out.
Versatility & Performance
The Vuzix Wrap 230 eyewear connects to any NTSC or PAL audio/video device with composite video-out capabilities and
connections. An included RCA Composite A/V cable and optional Composite A/V Adapter for iPod®/iPhone® ensure simple
plug ‘n play connection to today’s most popular portable media players. Support for optional Wrap Adapters provide increased
connectivity and capabilities unique to Wrap video eyewear. At last, a single pair of video
eyewear for all occasions.
Made for: iPod
with video
iPod touch iPod classic iPod nano
(3rd generation)
For all Video Devices
52” 16:9
51” 51
Wrap™ 230
Works with any video device.
The Wrap 230 video eyewear is designed
to connect to all audio/video devices with
video-out capabilities. Supported devices
• Apple® iPod® / iPhone® / iPod touch®
media players
• Portable DVD players
• Cellular phones with video out
• All composite video devices
• Digital cameras
• Camcorders
• PC and Laptops with VGA port*
* Requires optional Wrap VGA Adapter
• Onscreen display for video display
• Adjustable brightness, contrast, hue and
color saturation
• Works with 2D and common 3D video
formats including side-by-side and
multiple anaglyph formats
• NTSC and PAL compatible
• Six hours use with 2 AA alkaline batteries
• Compatible with NiMH rechargeable
• Includes Wrap Multi-connect Port for
optional adapters offering expanded
input source compatibility
• Wearable over many prescription
• Independent +2 to -5 diopter focus
• Adjustable, hypoallergenic nosepiece
• Ultra-thin cabling
• Includes Wrap Mini-port Connector
for optional capability
expansion accessories
• Equivalent to a 46-inch
screen as viewed from ten
feet (approximately 3 m)
• Twin high-resolution 320 x
240 LCD displays
• 60Hz progressive scan
update rate
• Ultra-low video distortion
• 22 degree diagonal field of
• 24-bit true color (16 million
• Weighs less than three
ounces (85 grams)

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