This time being me and my clasmate need to organized an event to fulfill our course need for 0MT 290 for semester four of Course OM114...sor far our event was successful done with all guess enjoyed the event.  our objective is to make all student and lecturer in this faculty know each other despite to have some fun during that event.  at that event alot of activity being held like careoke competition, ketupat make competition and many more. Me and my calsmate were very happy because at that night our event was succeed and guesses enjoyed.  Hopefully other event that will held by other student in this faxculty or other will successful.  See again on other post, this post not complete yey because many of the picture of the evnt i did not have a time to apload it.

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  1. Haahh...
    Finally my mandarin video clip is done..this time we as a student Office management semester 4 take the second level of mandarin language and we need to make a video that related with the learning objective. My friend and i was set up to make our video this time at Paddy field and try to make it more interesting. The objective by doing this kind of assignment is to make sure that all student that take this course were able to understand and speak mandarin well, and also to make this course more interesting to learn. Actually study other language is not difficult especially like mandarin, its very fun and interesting, i hope after finish learn this language i can speak mandarin well and able to confront with Chinese and speak with them using their language.Hopefully.